Core members

Master of Chemistry, Lecturer in the Basic Department in Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. “In the process of doing research leachate treatment by microbiological methods, I have discovered the method to clean contaminated water efficiently and safely using micro-organisms, compared to purely chemical methods. These results inspired me to continue the research on the ablity to prevent disease using beneficial micro-organisms found in tropical leaf vegetables. And the organic vegetable garden was established in the course of these studies. “

Master ‘s Degree recipient who has started up in the organic farm: Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Viên

Former lecturer of Agriculture and Forestry University in Ho Chi Minh City. He has taught and guided many research projects in the field of biophysical – biochemical plant, environmental ecology, Biotechnology, Management products agriculture and organic agriculture. “Hospital overloading, increased in the number of diseases, cancer detected even in the young … which means that public health is declining. There are many causes, but I’m certained that food, which is clean and safe, and a healthy living environment will help improve public health. That’s why I have been indulge in the research of organic agriculture and ecological agriculture for the past 10 years “

Technical Advisor: Lecturer Hoàng Quý Châu

Graduated from the Hanoi Medical University and having 15 years of working experience in the field of infant nutrition and child nutrition for a world’s leading company in food and nutrition. “My passion for organic vegetables and the eagerness to learn about farming techniques have helped me connect with the people with the same enthusiasm and indept knowledge in this field, such as Prof. Châu and Mrs. Quynh Vien. I look forward to sharing the knowledge of organic vegetables for many people outside of the industry, so ordinary people like me can grow vegetables or make the best choice for the health of their loved ones “

Brand Developer: Masters Degree – Doctor Trần Ngọc Diệp

After 4 years of effort doing research, investment, and standardizing the process of growing organic vegetables, the current vegetable garden is now nearly 5000 m2, in Tan Binh district, has become reach a stable output of over 10 kinds of leaf vegetables and some kind of fruits.

Organic farming

Organic farming is a cultivation system based on the natural biological cycle of the ecosystem, biodiversity that suit climatic conditions and local soil, combined with traditional farming science and technology; without the usage of synthetic chemicals (such as plant protection products, growth regulators, chemical fertilizers …) in order to create products that are suitable to the benefit of people and the environment, protecting the well-being of man, land and ecosystems.

Happy Vegi’s grown organic vegetables

HAPPY VEGI’s products are grown in natural harmony by re-balancing the ecological environment for cultivation of crops. Pest control by using natural traditional methods (which are empirically proven in the scientific assessment to be effective) and in particular, absolute compliance to the :6 NOs:

NO pesticides & herbicides

NO planting on soil and water contaminated with agricultural chemicals (*)

NO growth regulators

NO chemical fertilizers

NO of genetically modified seeds (GM seeds)

NO preservatives

The benefits of using organic food:

The benefits of using organic food:

– Anti-aging

– Enhance immunity

– Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

– Prevent cancer

– Better taste

– Reduce the use of pesticides

– Maintaining a safe and healthy world for future generations

NO planting on soil and water contaminated with agricultural chemicals (*)

NO herbicides

NO pesticides

NO chemical fertilizers

NO growth regulators

NO of genetically modified seeds (GM seeds)


Happy Vegi Tan Son – Ho Chi Minh – 2012

Tel: 0909350229/0903287095

The garden is 5000 square meters, planted about 20 kinds of leafy vegetables and tropical fruits such as spinach, spinach, spinach, melon, squash, okra. education and organic farming practices.

The garden is open all day of the week.

Happy Vegi – Mang Den Kontum- 2012

Tel: 0912923615/0903287095

The garden is 18,000 square meters, surrounded by pine forest. Location in Mang Den town, Kon-Plong district, Kontum province. Cool weather, fresh. The temperature in winter is about 20 degrees, so it is suitable for vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach, coriander, carrots, strawberries. The garden is full of aromatic strawberries and precious guava.

Happy Vegi  – Ba Ria Vung Tau – 2013

Tel: 0909018036

The garden is 10,000 square meters, fatty soil in Ngai Giao town, Chau Duc district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. In the garden planted with many kinds of tropical fruit such as papaya, banana, mango, jackfruit, pineapple, durian.

The lowland intercropped with ground vegetables such as guacamole, sweet potato.


Shop Online

Please call 0909 350 229 or order online.

Orders 150,000 worth or more will be delivered free of charge (District 1,3,5,10,11, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh, Tan Binh, Tan Phu)

Vegetable Stall inside Tu Du Hospital (near the cafeteria)

284 Cong Quynh, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1

Vegetable Stall in HCMC Nutrition Center

180 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District

Happy Vegi Outlets

  1. Famart Store: 93 Trần Não, Quận 2
  2. Green Garden Store : 11 Phạm Viết Chánh, Phường Nguyễn Cư Trinh, Quận 1
  3. Green Shop : 168 Vành Đai, P.10, Q.6
  4. An Nam Market : 303 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi, Quận Tân Bình.
  5. An Nam Market : 21 đường Thảo Điền, Quận 2
  6. Thật – Xanh – Sạch Store: 132B Nguyễn Trọng Tuyển P8, Q. Phú Nhuận

Education and practical experience grow and harvest vegetables for students and families

On weekends, instead of going to the places of entertainment, parents can also add a fresh, educational attraction for children at Happy vegi’s organic garden. The children will have fun activities in the garden, learning about beneficial insects and harmful ones, how farmersplant and care for vegetables … With kindergartens, the children’s visit is a way to help them aquire more knowledge outside of books, helping them to understand the value of the product and the labor of the farmer.

In addition, children will learn through experiencing work of farmer themselves by taking care of a potted organic plant through the instruction given by us.

Please call 0909 350 229 to register!