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Consulting solutions to build organic vegetable garden

With more than 12 years of experience in operating an organic vegetable garden, building nearly 10 operating organic vegetable gardens that meet organic certification standards, we can help you build an organic vegetable garden at an affordable cost. most reasonable and put into operation the fastest.

Digital solution for comprehensive vegetable garden management

Our digitization journey started in 2016. We have experience in implementing digitization through our 5-level digitization program compiled and implemented by us. We are proud to be the creators of software for effective and controlled applications, which are quite rare for agricultural production in Vietnam.

– HUONG DAT software application product developed and operated by me for the past 6 years is based on actual activities in farming and the capacity of workers in Vietnam. Therefore, our digital application is practical and very effective in the context of Vietnamese agriculture today.

– With an organic vegetable garden over 10,000 square meters of greenhouses and 5000 square meters of outdoor space, 10 workers, 120 daily tasks, the manager only needs 1 hour to synthesize reports, make plans, and assign tasks; workers know what their work is and proactively arrange to complete it and spend 10 minutes a day making reports.

– The software is built with many modules from daily production operations such as job assignment and job completion quality control, pest management, planning to ensure future production to order, evaluate the productivity of each crop and each crop, forecast the harvest in terms of yield and harvest time, to post-harvest stages such as order management and packaging quality, cost management, revenue, liabilities; train and train employees to reach the desired level… Helps to be able to manage remotely, reduce management costs, increase labor productivity, have an instant information system to help make quick and accurate decisions accurate, freeing managers and owners, products with detailed traceability help increase market prices.

– The software has been widely applied to the fields of cultivation, animal husbandry and agricultural product processing.

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