DO NOT use herbicides

In organic farming, it is not allowed to use chemicals to kill weeds, so
weed control is done by measures such as high-temperature composting to kill weed seeds, weeds by hand, and biocompetitive measures

DO NOT use pesticides

Choose the season and time to plant vegetables that are favorable for the
plants to grow. Use insect barriers with insect nets. Planting plants that repel insects: chrysanthemums, lemongrass, Japanese botanic. Use biological products to repel insects. Create ecological conditions to attract natural enemies: sparrows, dicaeidae bird, ladybugs, mantises...

DO NOT use growth stimulants

Do not use chemicals that stimulate rooting, flowering, fruit chemical which are
commonly used to increase yield. Enrich the soil by using microorganism and composting; Apply good practice in control insect and weeds; Using native seed, and planting according to the season.

DO NOT use chemical fertilizers

Only use microbial organic fertilizers, compost composted with
microorganisms with natural materials such as agricultural scraps: straw, trees after harvesting fruits (corn, beans....), sawdust, eggplant skins coffee, bagasse, cattle manure...


Organic agriculture follows the principle of respecting nature, so it
does not use genetically modified Organism created by humans. The varieties used are usually local purebred varieties with good resistance and suitable for the climatic and geographical conditions of that locality.

DO NOT plant on soil & water contaminated with agrochemicals

Ensure the criteria on water and vegetable land of the Ministry of
Agriculture such as heavy metals, residues of plant protection chemicals (QCVN 03: 2008/BTNMT; QCVN 15: 2008/BTNMT; QCVN 39: 20011/BTNMT)

About HappyVegi

Happy Vegi is a trademark of Huong Dat Trading & Service Co., Ltd.
Started in 2012 with a small vegetable garden of 5000 m2, after many years of research and investment in testing and standardizing the process of growing vegetables according to organic farming methods, now the Happy Vegi vegetable garden system with a total the area of ​​nearly 30,000 m2 in Kon Tum and Dak Nong has stabilized production of more than 30 seasonal vegetables and fruits.
The strength of Happy Vegi is leafy vegetables. Happy Vegi becomes the biggist organic vegetable brand with the most distribution system and volume in Ho Chi Minh City. This is also the largest market for organic vegetables in Vietnam.
Our vegetable growing philosophy is ecological balance. So in addition to complying with the very strict standards of organic certification, we do not use organic pesticides, we believe that a balanced environment will help vegetables grow well. We only use microorganisms to create a stable, balanced ecological environment.


10 years experience in organic vegetables

2011: From a research project on the effects of Microbiology in cleaning the environment of Master Quynh Vien, the company’s first organic vegetable garden was formed.

2012: 3 years of research on microbial strains effective in water purification, soil improvement, PH regulation, pest control.

2015: Bringing organic vegetable products 6 to the market with the Happy Vegi brand.

2016: standardization of organic vegetable growing processes.

2017: copyright of the process of growing 30 kinds of organic vegetables. The product has a stamp of traceability of the origin of planting and harvesting.

2018: expanding the garden system at Mang Den – Kontum specializing in growing cold vegetables.

2019: software application in vegetable garden management: production planning, work assignment, reporting, quality assessment with more than 20 organically grown vegetables.

2020: expanding the distribution system into major supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City such as: TOP Market, BigC, Emart, Co-opXtra…

2021: completing the package of building vegetable gardens meeting organic standards for transfer. Expanding the garden system in Kontum, Dak Nong, Phu Yen. Meet more than 30 kinds of organic vegetables and fruits.

Expanding the digitization of distribution and controlling the quality of vegetables during transportation, shortening the time of vegetables to consumers to only 20 hours after cutting vegetables from Mang Den, 700km from Ho Chi Minh City.

2022: Standardize and complete the service package for digitizing vegetable garden operation with digital management application in agriculture of Huong Dat.

Expanding organic farming with herbs in Tu Mo Rong district, Kontum province to serve the fermented herbal factory in the ecosystem of Huong Dat.

Ecosystem of Happy Vegi

Vegetable garden system

Tu Mo Rong Garden
Dak Na Commune, Tu Mo Rong, Kon Tum
Daklak Garden
Eabung Commune, Easup Huyen, Dak Lak Province.
Tuy Duc Garden (Gió_ Farm)
Hamlet 2, Quang Tam Commune, Tuy Duc District, Dak Nong Province
Mang Den Garden
74 Phan Boi Chau, Mang den, Konplong, Kon Tum
Vườn Dak Song
Thôn 6,Nam Bình , Daksong, Dak Nông
Vung Tau Garden
Ngai Giao town, Chau Duc, Ba Ria Vung Tau

Agricultural processing

Fermented Herbal Cooperative

Consulting & Digital Solutions

Huong Dat Digital Solution Company

Visit Happy Vegi vegetable garden

Organic vegetable garden is an ideal place to experience and slow life for children and adults


Emart, TOP market, BigC, Co-opXtra, Aeon Mall, Winmart, Foodking, Kind Green Market…